Thursday, June 19, 2008

portrait of an airship captain

testing out a color scheme...

my cryptographic journal

ten points if you can figure out what this says, lol...i'm a freak...

Miss Hawkinson's Portable Phonograph

the case

detail of the click-wheel 
an explanation of how the click-wheel cog works 
= a bit like a rotary phone
you can put your finger through one of the slats and since it spins freely - you can still use the click-wheel normally.

-I hope to make this someday *dreamy sigh* 

repetitio est mater studiorum

Now that I don't have to be in Salt Lake for Letterpress all the time, I can get back to practicing my gesture drawings and animal sketches again! So from now on, I'll be posting them here on this blog to document my's the page from yesterday's drawing session:

Beware the influence of addictive historical cdramas!

(Chinese Jian)

Origin: China
Weight: ?
Blade Length: 75cm
Hilt Length: 17cm

Long ago, an ancient taoist artisan was able to harness lightning and use it to shape a blade out of fulgurite/petrified lightning. Because of the overwhelming strength of the weapon he created, the artisan found a way to lock away it's true potential until a compatible user could be found. Only one who's heart and mind were in balance and who had no desire for power over others would be able to unlock the legendary weapon's potential.

Innumerable years have passed and the sword has passed through many hands without finding it's match. Because of this, the legend has faded and the sword's condition has deteriorated. The blade is damaged, many carvings on the sheath have broken, the tassels are tangled and knotted, etc. It continues this way until it is sold by a swords merchant to a young girl by the name of Huilang...(I have a design for her too but it's back in california so I'll post it later)


-When a compatible user is in possession of the sword, and their heart and mind are in balance, the three buds on the sheath as well as on the pommel will bloom. The bloomed flowers indicate that the full power of the sword can be used.
Blossom Details - the inside of the blossom is white-ish enamel and the bud of the flower is a yellow gem to mimic an apple blossom:

Jade Symbolism:
-"the essence of Heaven and Earth"
-According to myth, the stone was born during a storm, and for this reason every home had jade in it's foundations to keep lightning at bay (a perfect combination for the blade). It also symbolizes immortality, protection and a link between the physical world and the spiritual world.

*There's obviously more symbolism for jade but these were the ones I found most applicable.

-Made of Petrified Lightning (fulgurite)
-Very chipped and worn, the color varies slightly and it's cloudy but somewhat translucent.

*Because of the blade's hollowness, it "sings" when struck.

-The design on the guard should represent the clouds of heaven and the mountains of earth, the apple blossoms represent preference.
-I wish I could have sketched this concept out better, I really need to work on this kind of designing more but here are some details to give you an idea:
-Light colored jade, slightly cloudy, chipped.

-Darker jade, deep relief carvings "grow" all over it, though many of the pieces have been chipped or broken off.
-Metal "frames" decorate the sides as well as three apple buds/blossoms.

-Two large light grey tassels hang from the sword.
-One has the kanji for heaven inscribed in a small coin hanging from the knot, it also has cloud designs etched into the glass that binds the tassel.
-The second tassel has the kanji for earth on it's coin and rocks/mountains (like in the guard) etched into the glass.

*Yes I've definitely been watching too many historical chinese dramas ^_^

self-portrait of a pseudonym

The Monocled Menace

- noun
   1. any of numerous birds of prey of the family Accipitridae, having a short, hooked beak, broad wings, and curved talons, often seen circling or swooping at low altitudes.
   2. the artistic and literary pseudonym of Jessie Kate Patterson, BYU graduate and wandering artist, often seen circling or swooping at low altitudes.