Sunday, August 31, 2008

My first attempt at digital painting!

This was so fun!!! I just looked up a how to vid for digital painting about two hours ago and decided to test it out, I can't believe I haven't done this sooner. It just makes me realize how many basic things in photoshop I don't know how to do (like using the opacity jitter/pen pressure thing)
-I was going to exaggerate this bird more but I got too caught up in just figuring out how to do it.

Thanks to Clairictures ( who posted the bird photo on DA which inspired me to even try this ^^


Clairictures said...

It looks SO GOOD!
Do you know how incredibly happy this makes me that you've painted one of my pictures?? SO HAPPY!
Oh, the colors! I love the way they all are so distinct, yet blend together so beautifully. The wing is my favorite part. And the talons! Gorgeous.
Okay, you've now inspired me. Time to get 'drawin that animation-style piece of this you suggested.

Hawk said...

Thanks! ^^
I'm glad you like it as it was your photo :D I really need to push myself more and just draw more, and you animation students are a constant reminder that I don't do that enough.
*bows in awe of your dedication to art*
I can't wait to see your animation-style version :D I'll be watching out for it!

Laura said...

Cool Beans! Good to meet you (again?), Hawk! I'm sorry I don't remember but those Gesture Drawings look pretty accurate - I'm always wearing that black tank top underneath. :)
Are you coming back to Provo anytime this year? Or are you off living a real life?

Hawk said...

I'm home in California for the Fall, taking some classes and working on my art but I might come up there to take a random class or two after that ^^ It's a little hard to find other artist's over here that have high standards and I miss hanging out and sketching with all the BYU-ers.