Sunday, August 31, 2008

Old Portrait

...just an old portrait since I noticed I hadn't posted any... 


Clairictures said...

Hello, Fellow BYU-er! Thanks for the comment on my blog, it is much appreciated.
I love this. So much. The faces are so realistic and the background is so linear, so they mix quite nicely. Excellent!
Are you in the animation program?

Hawk said...

Nah, I wish I knew more about it though when I was an undergrad, I was pretty young when I started BYU and I didn't realize it was such an amazing and varied program, it was brand new when I started BYU in 2001 and I thought it was only for 3-D cg animation... so sad.

Anyway I still love 2-D animation and character design and maybe someday I'll get a chance to take more classes on them. For now, I just try to hit the gesture sessions when I'm in town :)